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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Growth

A life with no challenges is a life with no growth. I always like the old metaphor of the seed trying to break through the heavy soil to become a strong, thriving plant. New projects can be like that, especially when we have a nice comfortable routine established for ourselves but want to add on, or in some way develop the creative project we're working on. What at first seems tremendous effort, eventually becomes the new routine - but it does sometimes require considerable initiative at first. It reminds us to put a limited value on being comfortable in life. It certainly doesn't last for long if we're growing and staying creative. And, it is, after all quite satisfying to see the fruits of our labor.


  1. I really agree with this, and especially I find that in my artwork it's best not to get too comfortable! I keep challenging myself, and that's partly why I find painting so interesting. I often feel that it allows me to cross over other boundaries in my life.
    Thanks for all your lovely comment, and I enjoy reading your blog.
    Regards from Fiona

  2. Thank YOU Fiona! I especially appreciate your comment about crossing over other boundaries in your life as a result of challenging youself. That makes sense to me.