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Monday, February 1, 2010

Stay Creative Part II

The response I received from my last post made me realize even more how important it is for people to be creative in their lives. It can be something as simple as preparing a special meal for a loved one, or creating the next artistic masterpiece of the century (whatever that might be!). People are just plain happier when they are being creative. There are many aspects to fostering creativity - one can start where one is and branch out to the areas that are more unfamiliar, but four areas seem to be key: love, right attitude, a willingness to try new ideas, and keep practicing what's already working.


  1. I'd be interested to know what you mean by 'right attitude', Betsy. Maybe in a future post?

  2. Good stuff Betsy,
    When you mention love as a key area that fosters creativity, i thought of the analogy of a young man courting a lady. He will be MOST creative in wooing her and winning her favor- doing things outside his comfort zone to catch her eye, even very foolish or dangerous things! If one just stops for a moment to ask themselves "what are the vocations, people, goals and hobbies i really love?" Then they will find a wealth of natural creativity coming from them to pursue those same things.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank YOU TJ! What a wonderful comment. People are like mirrors to show us what we're looking for in ourselves, and love IS key - whether we're learning to appreciate ourselves and/or others.

  4. Judy,to respond to your query about "right attitude", several areas come to mind: gratitude for life's gifts (big and small), stay away from judging (self and others), look for the good in self, life, and others, and most importantly do these when life seems most to want to bring us down.

  5. Agree...those are key elements. Your posts are always so interesting...really make think. Thanks for sharing your insights.