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Monday, March 1, 2010

Keys To Accomplishment

I've noticed that when I want to accomplish something (whether it's a short term project or a long term goal) I try to find points along the way - ministeps that are easy to succeed at - to build my confidence for the more challenging steps that might come later. I train myself this way to get in the "habit" of being sucessful or to at least enjoy myself along the way - thereby associating the whole project as being something fun and enjoyable.


  1. Great approach to living life and accomplishing goals and 'to do's'....I, too, try to break things down so as to make them more manageable but I find that I will more likely enjoy?... appreciate?... experience?... whatever I set out to do taking this approach. I think it makes me more aware. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your though provoking posts! I enjoy them. Helen

  2. It does make sense, and thank YOU for tuning in!

  3. I'm sure that's a way to live more in the present moment than always striving towards a destination while, at the same time, having an ultimate goal at the back of one's mind. (Don't think I've explained that very well but hope you know what I mean!)

  4. You explained it perfectly Judy. You said exactly whay I meant. Thanks for your comment!