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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Creative Process

What is the creative process? It is really the process of LIVING creatively. How we live our daily lives is more important than we realize if we want to truly become the artist. We need to learn to LIVE creatively. That means if we're here to bring inspiration to others through our art form we need to be creative in our thoughts and feelings about living (rather than destructive) This requires paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in our interactions with others,or at the very least, reflecting upon them at the end of the day. How many times were our actions life-giving (creative)or at least harmless/neutral when with others? Were we thankful for this day and the people in it? If not we can look deeper into our lives and see why not. I didn't say this was easy - but neither is being a good artist. We get better at it with practice, and then we create the greatest work of art...painting designing, sculpting our own lives...


  1. I speak as an artist and from experience of going through the creative process . Your words are more romantic and better than the way I could put it but I think we say the same thing... to be an artist is to be true to yourself but to be an artist in 'life' is also to be 'loner' and yet never out of touch with humanity or yourself.