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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As an artist/creative person, we may have a vision of how a creative idea/project should go. Sometimes, though, we may find that the project has taken on a life of it's own, and the finished product turns out even better than we imagined it. These can be magical moments for artists of all kinds when we look or listen to our work and think "wow where did that come from?" There's a certain receptive waiting involved here where we invite this something-greater -than-myself to transform our work. It requires patience, and sometimes it means not finishing something right away to allow for this possibility of transformation. We, as a society tend to be very product-oriented, and in a hurry to produce something - anything just to have something to show for ourselves. I wonder how many masterpieces were in the making, but never came to be, due to impatience...?


  1. Most of my creations have come about in an incredibly organic way. When you are really open to the creative channel of the universe, I find that all I need to do is to allow the flow to come in and listen to my insticts. If I am feeling that I need to step away from something and let new inspiration build up inside, then I do that. If I am looking for something specific to add to a piece I ask the universe for it and something amazing always comes forth in unique and unpredictable ways. I think it's all about allowing the flow. When we push too hard, our creations suffer because we are forcing and rushing them and not allowing for those random moments of inspiration to come to us in that moment of clarity when we say "ah hah! I never thought of that before!"

    best regards,
    Alphonso Gutierrez

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Alphonso. It means alot to me know there are other artists out there with similar feelings. Though I am a musician/composer, the process you described is the same.