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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Allow Your Own Uniqueness

Being an artist means allowing yourself to experience/vew life in your own unique way, regardless of how many opposing views assail you. It means trusting that you may see or hear something that is not immediately apparent, and not to brush it over before you've allowed that "artist" to have it's voice. It requires patience, and training the eyes and ears to look for what's not a reporter looking for a great story. The question should arise "what is unique, special, extraordinary about what I'm experiencing this moment (the moment of inspiration) that gives me material for expression in my chosen art form (music, dance, fine arts, writing, etc..). One cultivates the attitude that every moment holds a special gift for me...something to dance, write, sing about. It teaches one to appreciate what a gift life really is, and to not take one moment of it for granted. This moment is soon passed away to be replaced by another...The artist trains himself moment by moment in the art of appreciation...


  1. Hi Betsy,

    Yes seo is my pet hate in life! I don't know who to reccommend or not but just be very careful who and what you pay for. There are many sharks out there.


  2. Thanks Carla,
    I appreciate the info!

  3. I would agree with what you have written, but I can only speak for myself in that when I am being creative I try not to think about what it is that I am working on. It's only after my day's work that I will look and then think.

  4. Valid point DAF, and to tell you the truth, I try to do the same my self at the end of the day. Either way works as long as one is cultivating the attitude of appreciation in the REST of one's life.