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Sunday, January 3, 2010

How To Be A Success

One usually thinks of success in terms of how much money one is making, and/or social contacts one has. Perhaps there is another way to view success. This lesson really hit home for me when I was trying to get some printing work done. The job was rather intricate, and required a professional eye. I needed lots of help and someone who was very patient. The worker who helped me was kind and patient to the extreme. He had absolutely no apparent motive for being so. There was no cash reward offered in any way. It was a rather large copy shop, and I'm sure his superior would rather that he had helped me quickly and moved on. However this man took 2 hrs. to help me get this job done. I had already been to other print shops and gotten the quick brush-off treatment. Somehow this man knew how important this job was to me, and kept at it without showing any sign of impatience. I left that store feeling in total awe. In retrospect I realized that man had shown me the real meaning of success. Three aspects showed up clearly for me. If one wanted to be successful, three things were needed - First - a love of freedom (not driven by fear of what others might think - ie one's boss, etc.), then a love for one's fellow man, and finally - a willingness to do whatever necessary to be in harmony with expressing that love to others.

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