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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Attention, Purpose, and Consciousness

Everything we do has a purpose - unconscious or conscious. We are Soul, divine beings. The way we view life has a profound affect on how we experience it. If we strive constantly to tune into the very highest part of our self (the divine), our experience is from that standpoint. If we are concerned and occupied constantly with material and emotional comfort, are attention is riveted to that aspect (the temporary passing show) and we begin to feel identified with that aspect of living rather than seeing the body, emotions, and mind as a house for Soul (the divine aspect). Am I caring for the well-being of my body so that I can be of greater service to life? Are my actions designed to give me the opportunity to give more light and love to others? Or I am simply and purely concerned completely and totally with self and it's physical, mental, and emotional comfort?

1 comment:

  1. I would hope I am a light at times to others. I try and notice when I'm being self absorbed so I can turn it around and be more selfless and helpful to others. Nice post Betsy.