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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Purity Of Expression

One of the most important things in an artist's work is the need to protect his/her purity of expression, and not allow promoters, or society's expectations, or the lure of money to taint what the artist truly wants to express. This isn't always easy, and requires a considerable degree of self-honesty. However, the experience of freedom and joy that comes with a pure expression of the artist's love is well worth the sacrifices made, and benefits the viewer/listeners in a more substantial way.


  1. I completely agree with your words my friend.

    Have a great day!

  2. Nice to hear this from a poet such as yourself!

  3. On the whole, I agree, Betsy, but sometimes, in order to pay the bills, it's necessary to create what the buying public wants. I find that depressing but it is possible to do both, if needs be.

  4. Of course, we are always making choices, and create the conditions which we can agree to live with.

  5. In fits of despondency, I think I'd sell my soul for a bit more success - but then I look at what I make, and I know it is because of genetic accident, which is to say, "God" that I can create these things, and creation is an act of love. I also know that I have often refused to make things that did not come from the deepest layer of my being - the closest part to both God and the devil. It is so difficult sometimes to know the difference.

  6. As I see it, we are close to God when our work uplifts both ourselves and those that view/hear it. This happens by keeping out attention on Spirit, and opening ourselves to the highest form of expression possible for ourselves. One way to build this inner resevoir of attention is through spiritual exercises. An easy one is to sing the word HU(an ancient name for God) This exercise is universal, and used by many people of all faiths to raise their level of consciousness and keep it raised. A raised consciousness invites an elevated expression - both in art and life.