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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seeing Through The Eyes Of Soul

"Shakespeare says a poet's function is to reach to heaven for ideas and bring them down to earth. It is true that thought does not originate with man, but in heaven. Where did Beethoven go to find his Fifth Symphony? Did Jesus originate the Sermon on the Mount? When great poetry and great music inspire you, what is conceived, gestated, and born of that? You can choose between noble and ignoble. You understand poetry and music. Love them, and let them flow into your consciousness. So you see that we are all linked to the sun, moon, and stars. We can lift our consciousness to higher planes and see from above, as if from the masthead of a ship, the past, present, and future, all in a moment, through the eyes of Soul." - from"The Spiritual Laws Of Life" by Harold Klemp


  1. Love this post - you are very talented. Piano is one of my favorite instruments. :) Thank you for visiting my page.