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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Art of Graceful Living

Every loss in life has a gain. Society applauds victory, winning, material, and or personal wealth, but has less time - or maybe no time - for those who in one way or another are experiencing loss. People learn and grow just as much from so called failing than from the appearances of success. There is a balance in life, and gracefulness of being and character is often produced by one's failures rather than successes. How does one really acquire humility anyway? Do we ever ask ourselves? While there is nothing wrong with success or "winning" in the various ways we can, we, ourselves are the only ones who can make room for our "failures". Society, for some reason, has chosen to leave out the importance of losing. It may in some ways be more important than winning. Maybe the next time we lose or fail in some way, we could also ask the question "what have I now gained that I didn't have before?" Am I more compassionate of others who "fail"? If so I have gained a degree of something I didn't have before, and we know that the more we love and understand our fellow beings the better.

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