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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cultivating The Artist

To live creatively, or as the artist, means to be able to see life in a way that others don't. The artist can take into his/her inner vision the extremes in life - the comedy and tragedy, lightness and darkness, without losing his/her viewpoint. This ability to see life in a certain way doesn't occur just while engaged with brush and paint or whatever the instrument of choice, but rather is cultivated every moment as the very essence of oneself.


  1. This is so true! You summed it up in such a short paragraph, I'm impressed.

    I really like your beautiful music (thanks for sharing them with the world) by the way, and I am trying to contact you re. one of the songs but your "contact" address is not working.
    If you don't mind, please provide an e-mail address on your site, or write me at:
    info ( a t ) onlyinpomona (d o t ) com
    Thank you!!
    yuko ;^J

  2. Dear Betsy,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog "Parisdreamtime";

    Listening to extracts of your music this morning was like looking at ray of sunshines playing on the carpet:) and I like your views on art and how art "works"....Let's stay in contact, greetings from Paris, Andrea
    PS by the way, I'm a musician too, I play the guitar and write my own songs (in German)

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment Andrea!

  4. Thank you Yuko for your generous thoughts!

  5. Very true! We see behind the obvious!
    You are creating a positively amazing site.

    And thank you for your wonderful comment left at my blog "Cristina's Daily Paintings".

  6. Thank YOU Cristina and for your creative contributions to the art world!