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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love Your Work

If you have a love in life, whether its a relationship with a person, your business, or your art form, it requires regular care and nurturing and attention for it to survive and prosper. In some ways its harder to do this with your art form. In a relationship you have another person there to let you know one way or another when they are being neglected, but with art or music you just have a blank, inanimate canvas, or untouched instrument, which doesn't say "Hey I need some attention". All you have is yourself and how YOU feel. That's your only reminder, unless of course your love is your livelihood - in which case your reminders may come in the form of bills.


  1. This was good to hear, thanks for that.
    An old art school slogan, from my one year at Pratt in Brooklyn, that has stuck with me said,
    "Be True to your Work and your Work will be True to You", as if it were a covenant between myself and my work, which is not a dead thing, but dynamic and as much alive as i am alive. It also reminds me of the book of proverbs which states "In All work there is profit." How can that be if all work doesn't turn a financial profit? Simple, we learn from work done wrong- as well as right to move on ahead to better work and more Joy to come. Thanks Betsy!

  2. A thought on 'Love Your Work' .....
    Live your life the way you would like to live your life in that way you can justify to yourself the things you do for your art.
    For some people these words might be too Yin and Yang but the world needs it's artists....

  3. Thank YOU TJ, you don't know how much I needed to hear that!

  4. And thank YOU DAF for your words as well. How many times - especially as artists - do we stop and just appreciate our SELVES and the way we live our lives!